uBooks XL by Nix Solutions FeedbackI use my iPhone a lot for business, which includes reading, and quickly browsing, a ton of different documents every day. I also really enjoy reading in my fairly limited free time, so an App that takes care of both things not only saves space on my incredibly crowded iPhone’s memory, but also on my home screen, as well as just general aggravation for me having to search out different Apps all day long. When it comes to the reading books part of the app I love the book animation feature that allows you to flip pages like you’re reading an actual book; I don’t know why but something about it feels better than just flipping a screen all the time. Then, if I happen to get a document that I need to look at, I can easily open it with the same App and see what I need to see without a hitch. I don’t personally need the different Russian language setting, but a friend of mine speaks Russian and loves that feature of this App. The price was really reasonable for an App that offers all these features and I’ve never had one problem with it from day one.

BTW – I use free epub websites to download books.

Joan Milford, Chicago, IL

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