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Reading is life! uBooks XL mobile app gives you the comfort, you can easily access and download any book or document of your choice in different formats.  This informative app also offers translation features.


Many people find it inconvenient and boring reading books, but not with uBooks XL. This impeccable app makes it possible for one to read ebooks and documents of different formats like, epub, fb2, html, txt, pdf, rtf and docx on iphone and ipad. This app also offers integrated translator and auto-scrolling features.

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App Features

  • uBooks XL reading application is a cutting-edge technology commonly used by Apple devices users. It is an informative and engaging application that helps improve the reading abilities of users, it is highly functional and also helps you maximize all reading options. This impeccable application has an advanced version uBooks XL 3.0, which can be downloaded by Apple users specifically depending on users’ preferences.

  • uBooks XL 3.0 now runs on iOS 7.0 or later versions, it has tremendous and conservative functions, attention grabbing design and intuitive platform for i-users. The app serves diverse functions and is easily accessible. The new version is uniquely modified with new spectacular functions and a lack of some features in the old version. Such as themes, the style of scrolling on a page and turn on/off option of the status bar. Having highlighted the absent features in the new version, let us have a keen gaze at the new features and functionality of this recent version.

Nix Solutions Reviews uBooks XL App

Bertha Moore

My review for NIX Solutions is words of appreciation. It’s perfect that there are still some companies left which create free apps, especially as helpful as this reader.

Carlos Milner

I like to read very much, and such app like uBooks make reading more affordable. Good job NIX Solutions, hope you get only positive reviews.

Zayn Redman

In my review about NIX Solutions uBooks, I can say only good things. It has a handle interface, looks good, and I can read all of the types that I need.

Kacy Rutledge

In this NIX Solutions review, I would like to tell you about my favorite feature of uBooks— I can set up the reading screen entirely as I want.

Shayla Cline

I think that uBooks from NIX Solutions is, according to reviews, definitely a good reader. So, if so many people think this way, I will try it too.

Sohaib Rogers

I like to read my favorite book using uBooks from NIX Solutions. In my review, I would like to underline the easy interface and flexible customization options.

Cecil Hatfield

Hi NIX Solutions team, I would like to share my review about your uBooks. I think that it’s an excellent product. All functions are useful and work how the user would expect.

Sade Houston

It’s cool. I always appreciate when people make a quality app, and make it free for people. So, I’m here on NIX Solutions reviews and deservedly giving it a thumbs up.

Hina Valentine

I’m not going to write a lot like some prefer to do. My review about NIX Solutions app is a couple of words only: well-done. I look forward to your other apps.

Jason Robles

As for me, one of the useful function in uBooks is the handle library. Developers have made it well organized and straightforward. My NIX Solutions review is entirely positive.

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