uBooks app by Nix Solutions Review

I have been using uBooks XL – Here is my NIX Solutions Review

Reading has been a love of mine since elementary school, and since then I think I’ve read at least a book every single week, and many weeks substantially more than one. In this day in age, carrying around a book with me all the time just seemed like a pretty antiquated practice, and honestly my purse just doesn’t always have the room for a big book in it. uBooks XL is the great new App I recently installed on my phone and it’s revolutionized the world of reading for me. I have gone from only being able to read whatever book I happen to have on me at the time to having the world of literature at my fingertips at any time or place and it’s amazing. I love how easily organized all the books are, and that I can just look up whatever book I’m in the mood for and start, and stop, reading whenever I want. Plus the ability to move about within the book easily and quickly is really helpful as well, and the virtual bookmark is such a great idea; I’ve never seen anything else like it. I use this App all the time now and couldn’t live without it.

Yossi Alroy, Haifa, Israel