Every year, the number of reading enthusiasts is becoming less and less, as modern youth and even the older generation prefers video content. At the same time, only few people think about the importance of reading in the life of every person. To understand this, you can study 5 reasons to read more and maybe then some people will probably return to reading printed text for their own benefit.

The development of the emotional sphere and empathic ability

It is clear that most people would rather read fiction than boring science books. But not all of them know what effect novels may have on human consciousness. Plunging into the plot, a person in fact learns to feel, empathize and stand in the place of the heroes. This makes a person more kind, more responsive. Along the way, thanks to the development of the emotional sphere, one understands the motives of other people and their behavior better, and is also able to learn to control their feelings and restrain unwanted reactions.

The formation of creative thinking and imagination

Once the writer Joseph Conrad said that the author writes only half of the book and the readers think out the rest themselves. It is true — even a specific description of the appearance of the hero or the decoration of a room gives different people different “pictures”. In addition, the reader’s brain can reproduce some sounds, corresponding plots, and sometimes a person is able to “think out” the smells from the book; it can happen while describing a dinner meal or while reading a paragraph about freshly cut grass, for example. All this has a positive effect on the imagination, forcing it to work at maximum, which leads to the development of the currently valuable synthetic thinking, called creative.

Broadening outlook and intellectual development

Often people do not even think about how much useful information they get from the material they read. Only conscious attempts to remember the source of this or that info give people the opportunity to understand that it was once read in a book or newspaper. Even a light romance or a primitive detective can broaden the mind of the reader, as well as stimulate their curiosity, forcing them to learn something additionally. In addition, scientists have long proved that reading stimulates our brain work, which is not observed while watching videos.

Improving memory and vocabulary

Regular reading, especially fiction, forces us to keep in head a certain layer of information that must be remembered for plot comprehension. In fact, the reader has to remember the details of the story in order not to lose the work understanding. This has a training effect on memory. In addition, if a person reads constantly, they remember more and more new words, which also has a positive effect on memory. At the same time, the reader expands their vocabulary, making them more literate.

Accumulation of behavior patterns in stressful situations.

While reading, a person involuntarily “measures” the life of a book hero. At the same time, one evaluates the character’s actions, comparing them with their own judgment about particular situations. At different turns of the plot, the human brain remembers various combinations of behavior in complex life moments, later using the most successful ones in reality. Do not forget that reading itself has a relaxing effect, which helps to reduce the stress level. Consequently, a reading enthusiast will cope with any stressful situation better.

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