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uBooks app by Nix Solutions Review

I have been using uBooks XL - Here is my NIX Solutions Review Reading has been a love of mine since elementary school, and since then I think I’ve read at least a book every single week, and many weeks substantially more than one. In this day in age, carrying around a book with me [...]

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Nix Solutions Feedback on uBooks XL App

Time to Read Smart! If you share my love for reading on iDevices, this app will be paradise for you – that much I can guarantee! Want to customize reading options? Wish to diversify reading preferences? The improved application version uBooks XL 3.0 lets you do all that and more! The interface is extremely user-friendly, [...]

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uBooks XL by Nix Solutions Feedback

I use my iPhone a lot for business, which includes reading, and quickly browsing, a ton of different documents every day. I also really enjoy reading in my fairly limited free time, so an App that takes care of both things not only saves space on my incredibly crowded iPhone’s memory, but also on my [...]

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