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Custom Software Development by Nix Solution Review

Custom Software Development Services customer: I’m a business owner from the US and here is my Nix Solutions review: In order for my business to grow, I knew that I’d need some help on the software side of things. We’re getting bigger and bigger almost every day, it seems, and we just can’t keep up [...]

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Quality Assurance Services by Nix Solution Reviews

QUALITY ASSURANCE SERVICES by NIX Solutions Reviews: With the ongoing projects that our company is designing, we had a real need for some top notch quality assurance services. We’d worked with other companies in the past that had let this part of the job slide, and it affected our final products, as well as [...]

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Project Management Services by Nix Solution Feedback

Project Management Services by NIX Solutions - Feedback: I’ve got some good project managers on my staff, but I found that as my startup company grew, their workload was becoming way too heavy, and I couldn’t assign them anything more. I knew that I wasn’t quite ready for more full-time staff yet, but that I [...]

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